Former Counsellor feedback

Recruitment day feedback :

“The selection process was rigorous but it left me feeling valuable by being selected through it. I felt that staff takes it very seriously finding and recruiting the right candidates. It instilled trust in the organisation from the very start”. (May 2021)

“Extremely impressive organisation and a really positive mix of challenging, informative and supportive. Thank you for the opportunity to participate”

“I wish I had asked more about the supervision in advance of the day”

“A well thought out day”

“All staff very friendly and approachable”

Comments made by counsellors :

“I would and I am, actually, always recommending the CP to both colleagues and friends, I’ve been so happy and supported throughout! I am very proud being part of it?” (May 2021)

“I am so sad to leave! everyone in TCP have been so kind, so helpful and genuinely wonderful people! It’s been such a great experience being part of the TCP, I’ll be forever grateful for it ??”  (April 2021)

“I was amazed and really pleased -given my slow start and lockdown – that these totalled 90 hours with TCP clients. I have really loved working with my clients over the past year, I grew fond of both and it has been a real learning experience in long term work”. (March 2021)

“Over the last year I have felt supported and kept on track, I’ve certainly learned from your example about the admin processes that help keep client work running well and feel that will be so helpful when I eventually start with my own clients”

“I still feel sorry that my ill-health prevented me from staying longer with TCP and contributing and learning more. I’m very grateful for my time with you, all the wonderful people I met, and how it enriched my training. I wish you all possible success in continuing to do such important and much-needed work”.

I am pleased to tell you that I am now a fully qualified counsellor! 

Thank you all very much for all the support and guidance provided during my training! I could not have achieved this without your help! I have learnt so much about the counselling profession, about myself and clients during my placement! My time with The Counselling Partnership has been a valuable experience and part of my career development that I’ll always appreciate! Thank you all once again and hope to keep in touch! (Oct 18)

“What I really appreciate is that all the paperwork and returns etc have prepared me well for running my own business.  I have been trained well!” (June 18)

“I felt a bit “new” last year, a bit like would it be too much to say how much I have enjoyed working with you all, this year though it feels very right. Thank you so much for all the help and support be it the office, my supervision group giving me new angles on things, or my “Sister” counsellors on a Tuesday night. I am so happy to be part of The Counselling Partnership, thank you”.

“TCP was a very well run organisation and it was great experience to be part of such a professional counselling service. It was nice to be part of a team and also learning how to manage paperwork, banking etc, ..valuable learning” (SC left May 16)

‘My journey started with The Counselling Partnership  and I believe that what I have become today is to a great extent thanks to the training and opportunities given to me by the Counselling Partnership’.  (SK)

I felt very safe as a counsellor in training when I started with The Counselling Partnership. I was able, alongside my clients, to grow and develop with them. I was supported in so many ways by the organisation.

I valued group supervision and training days where I was able to share and learn with my fellow counsellors. There was fun, laughter and tears. A special combination.

I shall never forget how much TCP has given me. (KN)

“Thanks so much for the opportunity and experience of working at The Counselling Partnership and the help you have given me” (NR)